Friends! BoS isn’t over, I’m just MEGA stressed and I kinda freaked out. Happens, sadly, to the best of us. I jumped tumblrs because honestly, TVD isn’t my, ah… fandom, I can hardly tolerate the show and I needed to surround myself with, yknow, Batmany things.

I’m here if you wanna stay in contact/demand updates. <3

Hope everyone is okay. Sorry about this.

I've just realized I miss Clarissa and Caroline more than anything.

I am so sorry, dear anon, I’ve been working through some stuff! I will be back and I can promise there will be Clare/Care bonding and their own brand of dickery next chapter! Hang in there with me guys. 

I’m so fucking done with everything

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'The Profound Bond' - A new romantic comedy starring Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. When Federal Agent Dean Winchester gets paired with an angel as part of the Bureau’s new Human-Angel Cooperation Initiative, the partnership seems less than ideal. Castiel is arrogant, painfully inept in the ways of normal human interaction, and less than stellar at routine questioning. But as time passes, the human and angel begin to find themselves growing less at odds and more endeared to each other. Loosely inspired by aesc’s Below Skyscrapers. (Watch on Youtube)

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when fics don’t update


when you’re the one not updating them





*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up


I’m sorry

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Madison: Have sex with me.

Stiles: What?  You- what?  What?

Madison: Oh god.  Don’t make a big deal out of it, okay?  It was just a suggestion.  I mean, you’re a virgin and I’m a virgin and- apparently- that’s the only requirement for being on the Darach’s hit-list. It was stupid.  Forget it.

Stiles: It’s not stupid exactly…

Madison: So you want to have sex with me?

Stiles: No!  I mean, no.  I like you too much to… do that… with you.

Madison: Thanks?

Stiles: You should- you should ask Jackson or something.

Madison: I’d rather lick a toilet seat.

Stiles: Yeah, no.  Don’t ask Jackson.


Erik walked into the café with an easy gate, Raven not two steps behind him.  Emma had told him there’d be a mutant here for him to recruit, and that it had to be him. Not that he minded, it would just be easier if he knew what he was looking for.

It was always Charles that found the mutants.

A booted leg swished out into the walkway, blocking his path. “Finally decided to show up, did you?” She folded down the corner of the New York Times, a small smirk on her lips, “It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting, Erik.”

"You know my name," he pointed out, settling into the seat across from her.  She folded the paper before placing it on the table, casting a glance from him to Raven.

"And Raven’s, as well.  Katherine Danvers," she introduced, holding out a delicately manicured hand for him to shake. He did, offering her a charming smile. 

"Are you a telepath, then?" Raven asked, somewhat excited, like she always was when they recruited women. 

"Not as such," Katherine shrugged, tilting her head towards the table. On the napkin was a rather well done sketch of the three of them, Katherine’s profile showing a dimpled smirk.

"Well, that’s interesting," he smiled, glancing up just in time to catch the captured expression.


There are bones in her pocketbook. 

They are wrapped up in her favorite scarf, along with an assortment of herbs whose names she didn’t bother to memorize.  Alan Deaton, veterinarian by day and supernatural encyclopedia by night, called it a hex bag.  In theory, it would hide Madison from the Darach (more commonly known as Beacon Hills’ Latest Serial Killer).  Or keep it from sensing her, at least.  Since she refused to go into hiding that was the most anyone could do.

Besides security detail of course, which is basically around-the-clock babysitting.  And it’s annoying, okay?  But it’s keeping her alive (for now), so she’ll deal.  She has to.

It’s just… she can hear the bones rattle with her every step.  To anyone else they would sound like mints, if she tried hard enough she could pretend they’re mints, but- but they’re bones, okay?  Bones.  To make it worse, Deaton refused to tell her what kind of bones which made her think- my god, what if they’re human?  And then she rushed to bathroom, emptied the contents of her stomach, and cried for approximately the gajillionth time that week.


This is how Stiles finds her: crying beneath the staircase BHH’s resident stoners usually claim, in the middle of fourth period, with the hex bag sitting on the windowsill across from her.

“Please tell me they aren’t human bones,” is what she blubbers.

Not for the first time, Stiles pitied the preacher’s daughter.  “No,” he says.  “Just uh- some chicken bones, a spider’s leg, and plants.”

Her relief is palpable.  “Thank god,” she breathes, but she knows there is no God in this town.  Just werewolves.

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Favorite hairstyles ➜ Caroline Forbes

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the pair of underwear i had signed by the cast of Supernatural and the responses it elicited from each of them:

Jensen: “what brand are these? i’m not familiar. not that i should be familiar with ladies’ underwear, but that’s probably best.”

Matt: “i feel like i need to make an announcement.” 

Misha: “thank you so much for this golden opportunity.”

Sebastian: “these are quite sexy! i rather like them plain like this. are you going to be wearing them later?”

Mark: “you’re bloody joking. well go on, hold these while i sign the ass. this is my space.”

Jared: *30 seconds of unrestrained giggling*

Omg misha.

Make me choose between two things.

petrovea asked: Stefan Salvatore or Silas.

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